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Private Telegram chat
Chat to support students on Telegram. Friendly and secure.
Knowledge Library
An ever-expanding repository of lessons, assignments, and related materials
Author's methodology
Unique author's program of Solfeggio study
Author's teaching aids
Unique game learning aids and simulators
A really personalized approach
Yes, that's exactly right. We're sure!
Group and individual video calls
Master classes, masterminds, meetings with parents on an ongoing basis
Friendly technical support
Prompt assistance in solving any technical difficulties
Endless fun in learning
Caution! Makes you want to learn all over again!
And more, and more, and more.

Our Tariffs

1 month
1 month access to the Club for 229 ₪
3 months
Access to the Club for 3 months for 655 ₪ (219 ₪ per month)
6 months
Access to the Club for 6 months for 1235 ₪ (205 ₪ per month)
12 months
Access to the Club for 12 months for 2200 ₪ (184 ₪ per month)